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Friday, 9 June 2017

Fun Animal Facts for Kids

Did you know...?

All across the world, we have billions of animal friends. Some are furry, some have scales, others are big, still others are tiny... but how much do we know about them? This week, we've found 8 fun animal facts for kids to share. Learn them all and dazzle your friends!

1. Frogs never close their eyes - even when they're asleep.

2. The African Elephant's ears are shaped like the continent of Africa!

3. Dogs have unique "nose prints", just like people have unique finger prints.

4. Not only do tigers have striped fur - they also have striped skin!

5. Giraffes have a gigantic 21-inch tongue. It's so long, they clean their own ears with it!

6. Did you know that kangaroos can't hop backwards?

7. Cheetahs can change direction in midair when running at top speed!

8. On average, cats sleep for 13 to 14 hours every day.

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Animal Facts
Did You Know?