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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Mosaic Workshop for Kids

Creative fun for summer events

Are you planning an event for children? We're delighted to present something a little different this summer with our fun-packed mosaic workshop. The children are guided in producing amazing mosaic designs, working with wooden shapes and colourful mosaic tiles to produce their own masterpiece.
Workshop options:
Ages 4-8: Including one wooden shape dinosaur, star or heart and a selection of small mosaic pieces which do not require cutting. Duration: 2 hours (1-hour workshop including 1 hour to set up & pack up).
Ages 9+: Including one wooden shape square 30cm x 30cm and mirror or heart/butterfly shape and a selection of colourful mosaic pieces. Duration: 2:15 hours (including 1 hour to set up & pack up).
Check availability online for your event.