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Thursday 15 October 2015

British Wildlife Activities for Kids

5 Art and Crafts Projects for Children

With this "cute furball" in the news, we thought that in today's blog post we'd explore the furry friends found in the garden and at the local park. Britain has many cute furry creatures. Many of which come out at night so we don't see them! Others burrow underground and stay out of sight in the countryside. But sometimes if you're in the right place at the right time, you can catch a glimpse of these wonderful animals!

Which animal is your favourite?

Below we've listed 5 of our furry friends. Each animal has a link to an activity on the web, so your child can choose their favourite and enjoy an activity related to it!

1. Badgers Badger Colouring Page from Activity Village

2. Foxes Origami Fox Puppet from iKatBag

3. Rabbits Bunny Rabbit Ears from DLTK

4. Squirrels Stand Up Paper Squirrels That Use No Glue posted on Pinterest

5. Deer Printable Deer Craft from Learn Create Love

Have you created your own wildlife art and crafts using one of the activities above? Why not email us a picture with the little artist's name and age and we'll publish it in next week's blog post!