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Thursday 24 September 2015

10 Autumn Activities for Kids

Awesome Autumn Fun from the Web

With autumn officially here as of this week, it's time to start dressing a bit warmer, leave the sun cream at home, and watch the leaves turn red, brown, and yellow! But all is not lost, we've brought together 10 awesome autumn activities from across the web for you to enjoy this season.

Thursday 17 September 2015

5 DIY Minions Crafts

How to Make Minions Crafts

Minion mania is sweeping the nation with kids everywhere enjoying the delightful characters' adventures in Despicable Me and now their own solo feature film. If you too are mad about Minions then you'll love this week's blog post - we've collected our favourite top 5 Minions craft projects from the web, all complete with tutorials on how to make them yourself. Have fun!

1. How to Make a Minion Party Favor Jar

2. DIY Minion Bookmarks

3. How to Make DIY Minion Puppets

4. DIY Minions Sand Buckets! (With a free printable pattern)

5. Free Minion Inspired Doll+Pillow Patterns

Have you been inspired by this article to make your own Minions crafts? Why not send us photos by emailing and we'll post them on our social media pages!

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Happy Teddy Bear Day from JoJoFun

Teddy Bear Day 2015

Teddy Bear lovers across the world are celebrating their favourite toy's special day today. Originally an American celebration, this day is now celebrated by Teddy Bear enthusiasts across the world... and we at JoJoFun are no exception!

Who doesn't have a memory of their favourite cuddly toy growing up, whether a teddy bear, dog, cat or something else? These companions stood by us no matter what, helped us to sleep soundly and were always available to play!

Thursday 3 September 2015

Back to School Blues

Dealing with the Back to School Blues

Going back to school is quite an adjustment to make after the summer holidays. Both children and parents can feel the 'back-to-school blues'. So this week we've collected top tips from around the web on dealing with this time, and hopefully having some fun along the way!