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Thursday 25 January 2018

Finding Entertainment for Specific Age Groups

Which children's party entertainment should you choose?

One concern on the minds of party organisers is "Will the kids enjoy the entertainment?" A big factor in this is whether the entertainment you book is suitable for the age group of your party guests. With this in mind, we thought it'd be helpful to take a close look at different entertainment options and which age groups enjoy them most.

First of all, when planning your party, it's a good idea to choose if you'd like an all-round package with games and activities, or a dedicated specialist such as a face painter or balloon modeller. Now, the age group of your guests may determine this for you. If the kids at your party are older than about 11, then you may want to think twice before booking a face painter - unless they can do tattoo-like, masterful designs that even adults enjoy. Most kids about this age onwards feel they're just too cool for the Spider-man design!

Let's start then with children younger than 11. Many professional Children's Entertainers, providing an all-round package of party games and activities such as balloon modelling and magic, have experience with all different age groups from 0-11 years. If you are looking for an all-round package such as this, it is best to ask the entertainer if they are able to gear the games and activities to the age group of your guests. For example, for the tots, quite often sing-alongs and the parachute game (pictured) will be included. And for the 4-6 age group, balloon models are a popular choice and more advanced games such as musical statues. For ages 7+, games will be even more advanced, perhaps with more rules to remember and prizes to win, a disco might be included, or a creative element such as teaching the kids to twist balloons. These are general examples, however each entertainment company and indeed each entertainer will have their own take on this, based on their own experience with different age groups.

If you're looking for more specific entertainment and services, such as face painting or dedicated balloon modellers, then our guidelines are as follows. You will also find here suggestions for party guests older than 11:

Age GroupEntertainment
0-3 Children's Entertainer*, Puppet Show, Sensory Sound Play​, Musical Entertainment
4-6 Children's Entertainer*, Face Painter, Balloon Modeller, Mascots, Puppet Show, Bubble Show, Magician, Stilt Walkers, Clowns
7-10 Children's Entertainer*, Face Painter, Balloon Modeller, Balloon Modelling Workshop, Bubble Show, DJ/Disco, Fire Show, Magician, Closeup Magic, Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Clowns, Circus Skills Workshop, Art Workshop, Caricature Artist
11+ DJ/Disco, Fire Show, Closeup Magic, Circus Skills Workshop, Art Workshop, Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Clowns, Caricature Artist​, Balloon Modelling Workshop​

* "Children's Entertainer" ​described above

Thursday 18 January 2018

Which Entertainers Lead Party Games?

When you're planning a children's party, it can be confusing knowing just which entertainment option to book. Especially when there are so many options - from clowns to fire eaters to balloon-a-grams - which entertainer do you pick when you'd like a good selection of party games?

Saturday 6 January 2018

Pasta Projects for Kids

8 Pasta Craft Ideas

Photos from sources linked below.

Don't let the winter weather get you down - take the opportunity to stay indoors and do something creative! In our first blog post of the new year, we bring you fun and imaginative craft ideas - all using pasta. Read on for 8 Pasta Projects for Kids!