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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Disney's Frozen Party Theme

Here at JoJoFun we're always looking for ways to deliver the most up-to-date entertainment. In kids entertainment, that means moving at the speed of imagination! Little party guests are dynamic and love new and fresh entertainment that complements their limitless energy and enthusiasm.

One way we keep up to speed is by providing Party Themes based on the children's latest, most favourite television and film characters.

For example, Disney's Frozen is popular right now, and we've put together a dazzling package where Anna and friends bring games, songs, stories and more to kids party events. Themes make party celebrations extra special, leaving both the children and parents with fond memories.

Thursday 17 April 2014

3 Best Children's Party Tips

Here are three top tips and tricks for making your children's party a success!

1. Help guests and entertainers find your party venue by placing a cluster of balloons out in front. This works whether you're celebrating at home, a hall or having a restaurant party!

2. Be sure the cake is ready and sliced before the food - then you can hand it out after the food without delay!

3. If cake cutting takes too much time anyway, consider having Cake Pops - a delicious preprepared alternative (see photo).

More information:

See our cakes page online and discover the delicious options available.

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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Children’s Party Fun with Balloon Science

There is no stopping JoJoFun when it comes to finding a whole lotta fun in anything to do with children including bringing science into our flagship party mix ‘The Works’.

To us, there is no difference between a child’s amazement over magic and science. Both magic and science exude deliciously captivating, jaw-dropping sizzle!