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Friday, 23 November 2018

Dinosaur Party Games

10 Roar-Some Games For Kids

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Are there any dinosaur enthusiasts in your home? In this week's blog post, we present 10 "rex-citing" games - perfect for their next party! Read on for fun "bite-size" activities!

1. Long Dinosaur Tail

Here is a fun and simple game best played in a large area such as a garden or hall. The birthday child is "It" and begins by chasing and tagging the other kids. Once another child is tagged, they hold hands with the birthday child and the pair continue chasing and tagging the others. When more children are tagged, they also hold hands and the group continue chasing and tagging the other children. The more children are tagged, the longer the chain (or 'dinosaur tail') becomes! The game ends when the last child is tagged. Of course you can always go back to the start and play another round!

2. Dino, Dino, Where's Your Egg?

This game is like the party game "Doggy, Doggy, Where's your bone?". The children sit in a group and one child is selected to be the dinosaur. They face away from the rest of the group and place the dinosaur egg behind them (this can be any object you choose). One of the children in the group takes the egg, sits back down, and hides it behind them or under them. Then the children sing:

Dino, Dino, wake up and look around,
Someone stole your egg, can it be found?

"The dinosaur" then turns around again to face the group and has to guess who took the egg. If they guess right, they can be the dinosaur in the next round. If not, the child who took the egg is the next dinosaur.

3. Ice Age

Here's a great idea for a game and party gift. Before the party, freeze small plastic dinosaurs in water, so they are each surrounded by an ice cube. When the guests arrive, let them each have a dino/ice cube and take it to the paddling pool to thaw it out in the water. This can be made into a game of "excavating" the dinosaur. Each child gets to take home the dinosaur they free from their ice cube!

4. Dino Tracks

Cut out big dinosaur-shaped footprints from cardboard. You can have fun with this before the party painting the footprints with the children. Next, hide little party gifts around your party venue and then place the footprints on the ground leading to each gift. Make sure the footprints are taped down so they aren't moved off the trail. For older children, instead of placing the gifts themselves at the end of each trail, you could place clues that lead to the gifts.

5. Extinct Dinosaurs

This game is a variation on hide and seek. One child is "It", or the "extinct dinosaur", and hides while the other children count to twenty (or whichever number is best for the venue size). After counting, the children set out individually to find the "extinct dinosaur". Here's where things are a little different from a standard hide-and-seek game. When a child finds the "extinct dinosaur", they join them in hiding. As more and more children find the "extinct dinosaurs", this hiding group gets bigger and bigger. The trick is in staying quiet until the end of the game so as not to give the hiding place away! The last child to find the "extinct dinosaurs" becomes "It" for the next round.

6. Dinosaur Egg-&-Spoon Race

In this variation on the classic egg-and-spoon race, children have to take the dinosaur eggs to their nests! The spoons in this game can be tennis racquets, and the eggs can be decorated tennis balls or light plastic/foam balls. Create a course with a 'nest' at the end (this could be a basket to hold the eggs). With everything in place, let the classic relay-race fun begin! Which team can get the most eggs to their nest in the allotted time?

7. Dino Fact Challenge

You'd be amazed how much kids know about dinosaurs! In this game, this knowledge is put to the test. Print out images of different dinosaurs. Divide the children into two teams. Holding up one of the printouts, ask the children to raise their hand if they know the name of the dinosaur. The first child who raises their hand can answer. If they're right, their team is given a point. If not, the other team is given a chance to answer and gain a point. The team with the most points at the end wins.

8. Dino Tail Limbo

Limbo with a dino twist! Make a dinosaur tail using two green poster boards, tape, and a broomstick. Cut a zigzag from one corner of a long side of the poster board to the other, stopping short of the other side by leaving a little distance between the end of the zigzag and the end of the poster board. Having cut the poster board, you will end up with duplicate zigzags. Decorate the poster board with spots or stripes. Then fold the bottom flat sides of the zigzags over to make long tabs. Wrap the tabs around the broomstick and tape them. Make sure they are taped to the broomstick itself, so they don’t slide. It's time to dino limbo!

The rules are the same as regular limbo - how low can you go below the dino tail?

9. Pin the Tooth on the Dino

Print out a large dinosaur poster and secure it to a suitable place on the wall. Cut out "dinosaur teeth" using white paper and make enough for all the children. Write a child's name on the back of each tooth and attach a ring of scotch tape, so it can be fixed to the poster later.

The birthday child goes first. Blindfolded, they are spun around several times (it could be as many times as their age), then given their tooth. Let them try to pin their tooth to the dinosaur's mouth. After all the children have had a go, the child who got closest to the dinosaur's mouth wins!

10. Hot Dinosaur Egg

Hot potato, dinosaur style! While playing music, a water balloon or egg is passed around the circle of children. Whoever is holding it when the music is stopped is out. Keep going until only one child is left - they are the winner!

Important: Party games must be organised and supervised by a responsible adult. Crafts often involve using scissors, craft knives, glue and other hazardous tools. A responsible adult must supervise crafts at all times and undertake the dangerous and difficult parts themselves. JoJoFun is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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