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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Classic Playground Games

Outdoor games for kids

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Kids are getting excited about World Chase Tag, a special version of the classic playground game - it's an exciting, action-packed way to enjoy yourself that doesn't involve phones, screens, or any technology! Would you like to take part in a tech-free game this weekend? In this week's blog post, we've collected together 5 great resources for classic playground games - why not give one a go!

1. Top 10 Classic Playground Games - from American Profile.

2. 10 childhood school and playground games no-one born after 2000 will have played - from Sunday Post.

3. 4 classic playground games to play with your kid - from Today's Parent.

4. 9 Childhood Games To Revisit This Children’s Day - from The New Age Parents.

5. 20 Great Childhood Games - from My Kids Time.

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Could tag become an official sport?