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Friday, 26 May 2017

8 Gardening Projects for Kids

Fun in the garden

Photos from sources linked below.

With the Chelsea Flower Show under way, families across the UK are visiting to see the best garden designs in the world. Gardening is fun for all the family, so in this week's blog post we're looking at different ways to enjoy the outdoors - in your own back yard! This perennial pastime is a great way for kids to learn, create, and have fun.

1. Butterfly Gardens. Help out our beautiful butterflies by giving them a place to live. From Kids Growing Strong.

2. Grow plants from food. Kids learn about food sources with this tutorial from the BBC.

3. Pine Cone Crafts. This creative approach to a bird feeder will make your feathered friends happy. From Red Ted Art.

4. Toad Houses. Build a toad house with this article from Gardening Solutions.

5. Easy-to-Make Root View Box. See how your garden grows with this great tutorial from Your Easy Garden.

6. Help Birds Build Nests with this Kids Activity. A craft project with an unlikely creative partner - the birds! From The Spruce.

7. How To Compost With Kids. Learn all about composting with this great article from Gardening Know How.

8. Grow sunflowers. These fast-growing flowers are a fun way for kids to learn about caring for plant life. From Kidspot.

Bonus: Mark Kelly of Yard Care Gurus has written The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Gardening With Kids. Read the article here for a comprehensive look at all aspects of gardening with children.

Note: Some of the projects linked above involve using scissors, craft knives and glue. A responsible adult must supervise these activities at all times and undertake the dangerous and difficult parts themselves. JoJoFun is not responsible for the content of external websites.