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Friday, 12 May 2017

Recycling Crafts for Kids

8 Kids Crafts Using Recycled Materials

Photos from sources linked below.

Last month, six hundred tonnes of rubbish was left under a bridge in Buckinghamshire - not only fly tipping, but waste in general is becoming a big problem, so in this week's blog post we're looking at fun and creative ways to use recycled materials. Time to cut down on waste and have a great time doing it!

1. Make a Cereal Box House. Save your cornflakes boxes for this one. From

2. Craft and Play: Toilet Paper Roll Car Craft. Are you ready to roll? Enjoy this car craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

3. DIY Bugs on the sticky table. Put those plastic bottle lids to good use. From Teach Preschool.

4. Adorable Egg Carton Turtle Craft (And a Caterpillar and Frog too!). Egg carton crafts from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

5. Castle Centerpiece From Recycled Cardboard Tubes. Fantastic castle design from Creative Jewish Mom.

6. Colourful Crayons. Save those old, nearly-used-up crayons and turn them into new multi-colour ones! Although a grownup will have to do this one, we had to share it! From Frugal Family.

7. 8 egg carton vehicles you can craft at home. These egg carton vehicles look fantastic! From

8. Summer Camp: Wind Chimes. A musical way to enjoy the windy weather!

Note: Crafts often involve using scissors, craft knives and glue. A responsible adult must supervise crafts at all times and undertake the dangerous and difficult parts themselves. JoJoFun is not responsible for the content of external websites.

What a load of rubbish!