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Saturday, 29 April 2017

8 May Day Facts

Fun Facts About May 1st Celebrations

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It's time to get your ribbons, flowers, and maypole dance steps prepared because this Monday, we celebrate May Day! Here at JoJoFun, we've put together 8 fun facts about this joy-filled, worldwide celebration.

1. Traditionally, May Day is a day to celebrate the coming of Spring.

2. Maypole dancing is perhaps the best known form of celebration on this day in the UK. The Maypole is danced around and wrapped in ribbons by each dancer, creating spectacular multicolour patterns. You can learn the basics of maypole dancing here.

3. Traditional maypole dancing music is performed on the fiddle, tabor, pipe, accordion and concertina.

4. May Day is celebrated all around the world. Many countries celebrate it as Labour Day, a day to celebrate workers everywhere.

5. May Day dates back to the time of the Romans, who honoured Flora, the goddess of flowers.

6. Many years ago on this day, the Celts celebrated the Feast of Beltane, a celebration to welcome summer with bonfires, dancing, and purifying ceremonies such as herding cattle inbetween bonfires.

7. Another well-known May Day tradition is the crowning of the May Queen. The May Queen, crowned with flowers, leads the May Day parade in her town before the dancing begins.

8. Although many of us know May 1st to be the day of celebration - with maypole dancing, flowers, and ribbons - in some countries, such as Germany, the night before is also celebrated... with bonfires and dancing!

Wishing you lots of fun on this day! From all at JoJoFun.

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