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Friday, 10 June 2016

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

5 Indoor Games and Activities

Heavy rainfall has hit London and much of the country this week, leaving those of us looking forward to the summer high and not-at-all dry! Outdoor activities are not much fun at times like this, so in this week's blog post we explore 5 indoor activities for kids to enjoy on those days the English summer goes into hiding!

1. Bake biscuits. With help from a grown up, why not let the kids get creative in the kitchen and bake cookies for all the family. Not only are they fun to make, but a real treat for after meals (and between ;)). Here's a list of great tutorials to bake biscuits from the BBC.

2. Indoor bubbles. We incorporate bubbles into our standard party package The Works and the kids always have a grand time. Here's a funtabulous experiment you can try yourself - all you need is washing up liquid, water and straws and you can be a Mad Bubble Scientist!

3. Play "Freeze!" with music. Toddlers especially love this one. Kids dance to their favourite songs and a grown up stands by to randomly pause the music. At the moment the music stops, the children have to freeze in whatever position they're currently in. It's then giggles galore as the children find themselves frozen on one foot, hands in the air - whichever position they were in when the music stopped! After a while you can introduce variations, such as dancing "in character" as their favourite film character or favourite animal, or dancing as letters of the alphabet.

4. Create a "paper double". Kids lie down on paper and draw around themselves (perhaps with the help of a parent or sibling). Then with their favourite colours and materials, they can colour in and decorate the silhouette. Imagination is the limit as they can give themselves blue-string hair, glitter t-shirts, superhero costumes, and really get creative with how their paper double appears!

5. Indoor bowling. Here's a great way to recycle some of those plastic bottles. Designate any long room or corridor as the bowling alley and place the plastic bottles at the end like pins, and then with a football or tennis ball as the bowling ball, enjoy a round of bowling in your own home! If the bottles fall down by themselves you can weigh them down with a little water inside - but be sure the lids are on tight!

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