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Friday, 24 June 2016

5 Amazing Playgrounds

Great fun for kids and grownups

Many of us have early memories of our local playground. It was the best moment when we finally got to the park and raced across to our favourite seesaw or swing. Some of us never lose that joy! In fact, there are architects and designers across the world who have taken it to epic proportions. In this week's blog post, we explore some of the biggest and most exciting playgrounds in the world.

1. Four-storey bouncy house and playground in Austria.

Slides, swings, a bouncy trampoline, a beautiful view of the Alps, and a hand-shaped labrynth, this tower of fun by architecture firm Snøhetta is incredible!

2. Monstrocity in the USA.

One of the most amazing museums you'll ever see, this other-worldly playground is made of repurposed materials, including two airplane fuselages.

3. Zip World in Wales.

What to do with a Victorian slate mine? Turn it into a crazy, colourful subterranean playground, of course! Kids are sure to have an exciting time here with slides, giant trampolines, bouncy nets and dizzying heights up to 180 feet!

4. Water Playgrounds.

Designed by architect Robert Cirjak and produced by German company Wibit Sports, these playgrounds can be found all across the world and look like immense fun!

5. London's Olympic Sculpture.

Right on our own doorstep in London, the ArcelorMittal Orbit has been put to good fun use as the 'world's longest tunnel slide'! It loops around the structure 12 times and happy sliders reach up to 15 mph! This new attraction is not to be missed.

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Note: JoJoFun is not affiliated with the playgrounds listed above. We just get super excited about all things fun!