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Saturday, 7 May 2016

25 Fun Activities for Kids

Ideas for Play and Learning

Do you ever find yourself stuck for fun ideas for things to do? Here at JoJoFun, we're always overflowing with these ideas because it's our mission to bring everybody a whole lotta fun! In this week's blog post, we want to share with you 25 of these fun activities. Some you can do now, others you might have to wait for the right weather or until you have the materials needed for the activity. But they all test high on our fun-o-meter and hopefully will bring you lots of enjoyment just at the right moment!

1. Perform a play based on your child's favourite stories. You could create your own story using their favourite characters.

2. Put on a dance party for family and friends. Everybody can create their own dance move and combine them while playing your favourite songs.

3. Play catch. The old ones are the best! See how far apart you can get (do this outside where there's no ornaments to break!).

4. Cut out your favourite pictures from newspapers and magazines and make a collage.

5. Collect flower petals outdoors and then make a petal picture by gluing them to paper.

6. Make your own hat out of paper, cardboard and any material you like. Paint it with your favourite colours.

7. Create a treasure box using an egg carton. Paint it your favourite colour.

8. Make a costume of your favourite superhero.

9. Make stick 'friends'. Take sticks from outdoors and paint them, and attach googly eyes.

10. Make paintings with anything other than brushes - try cotton tips, lollypop sticks, anything you don't mind throwing away after!

11. Invent a language - make up words for objects and actions and use them with each other.

12. Make a drawing using sticky tape for the lines - use different coloured tapes.

13. Make a whistle with grass - here's how!

14. Search for your favourite stones and rocks in the garden while out and about and make a collection.

15. Act out scenes from your favourite films. See if you can remember the dialogue and if not - make it up!

16. Play 'serious'. Look at each other and try not to laugh!

17. Paint with rain - place food colouring on paper and then take it out in the garden and wait for it to rain! Note: the results can be messy and unpredictable!

18. Play hopscotch. You can do this indoors by making squares on the ground with masking tape.

19. Create your own 'meals'. Get pots and pans and pretend to cook - create your own whacky recipes and pretend to serve and eat them. Shoelace spaghetti, anyone?

20. Create your own songs to go with chores like washing up, taking the bins out, and hanging clothes to dry.

21. Go on a 'sound hunt' outdoors. Take a stick and tap on fences, walls, the ground and objects you find and compare the sounds.

22. Make your own 'car' out of a big cardboard box. Paint it and glue cardboard circles to the sides for wheels.

23. Walk around like your favourite animal.

24. Count cars of different colours when outdoors - how many blue ones, red ones, grey ones, etc. did you see?

25. Create a den under the table by draping a blanket over the top, covering the sides.