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Friday, 20 May 2016

5 Amazing Dog Stories

Man's Best Friend at his Very Best

Pictures from webpages linked below.

A dog's ability to learn tricks is common knowledge, but sometimes, man's best friend exceeds all our expectations in not only learning, but how that knowledge is applied! Just this week, Riley, the North Carolina dog made the news by taking himself on a walk to his doggy daycare centre, 1 mile away. In this week's blog post, we explore 5 amazing stories of doggy derring-do!

1. Riley the golden retriever. Riley broke out of his garden and took himself on a mile-long walk to be with his friends at the doggy daycare centre. When he got there, the daycare owner let him spend the day with his pals.

2. Eclipse the black labrador-bull mastiff. Eclipse takes the bus to the park all by himself! He even gets a window seat so he knows when to get off.

3. Pero the sheepdog. After being moved to work on a farm in Cumbria, Pero decided to break free and return home to Penrhyncoch, Wales - 240 miles away! It's an incredible feat and a mystery to experts how he managed to navigate such a great distance.

4. Toby the golden retriever. When Toby's owner began choking on an apple, the dog leapt into action - literally - jumping up and down on his owner's chest until the apple became dislodged. It's incredible to think how Toby knew just what to do in this moment.

5. Bobbie the Wonder Dog. Bobbie's story is amazing in its proportions - the collie walked all alone 2,551 miles from Indiana to Oregon in six months, after being separated from his owners on a road trip. It was the animal-lovers story of 1923 and the subject of news articles, books, and even a film!