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Friday, 27 May 2016

10 Homemade Dinosaur Cakes

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Recipes from the Web

Photos from sources linked below.

Do you have a dinosaur fan in your home? Maybe somebody you know is about to celebrate their birthday with a dinosaurs-themed party. These fascinating, frightening creatures with their larger-than-life proportions and prehistoric wonder are a favourite subject for many children! This week, we're getting creative in the kitchen with 10 Dinosaur Birthday Cake Recipes from the Web.

1. 3d Dinosaur Birthday Cake. This looks incredible!

2. Cute & Easy Dinosaur Cake. Delicious cake with lots of goodies.

3. Dinosaur Fossil Cake. For the future paleontologist!

4. Buddy Cake Pops. Great design and providing something different from a big cake.

5. Dinosaur Birthday Cake and Cupcakes. Excellent "cartoon dinosaur" cake.

6. Easy Dinosaur Cake. Fun cake design and improvisation with different materials.

7. Dinosaur Cake. Nice textured design with step-by-step instructions!

8. Easy Triceratops Dinosaur Birthday Cake Recipe. With marshmallows - yum!

9. Dino is ready to party. We like the unique approach of making a whole cake from cupcakes!

10. How: Stegosaurus Birthday Cake. A complete guide to creating fondant dinosaurs.