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Friday, 29 April 2016

5 Animals Saved by Technology

How human invention can help animals

Photos from sources linked below.

This week, CBBC reported that farm owners in Wiltshire have given their pet sheep "Skippy" his very own custom-made woolen fleece to keep warm, after he was born without a coat of his own. We love to see our furry friends treated well and want to share with you our favourite five cases of technology and invention coming to the aid of animals in need. Read more below.

1. Winter the dolphin. Winter lost her tail after getting caught in a crab trap line. Luckily, she was rescued and in 2007 was fitted with a prosthetic tail made by scientists. Winter now enjoys her life in Florida where she resides at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

2. Motala the elephant. When Motala stepped on a landmine, he was fortunate to be in the only country in the world that has an elephant hospital - Thailand. Motala's life was saved but he lost his leg. However, the doctors were committed to Motala's recovery and fitted him with a new prosthetic leg so he could walk again!

3. Beauty the eagle. After a close call with a poacher, Beauty's beak was damaged beyond repair. Rescuers fed her until this remarkable prosthetic beak was fitted - now Beauty can hold her own food again, just like with her original beak.

4. Oscar the cat. After an accident with a combine harvester, Oscar lost the bottom of his two hind legs. Thanks to modern technology, the upper halves of his legs were fitted with prosthetics, extending his legs back to full length. Now Oscar is an indoor cat, enjoying the rest of his 8 lives!

5. Derby the dog. Derby was born with deformities in his front legs that meant he couldn't walk or sit up. Thankfully, his rescuer was an employee at a 3d printing company and immediately set about designing and printing a solution for Derby's condition: a flexible, custom-made prosthetic for each leg. Now Derby runs miles each day!

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