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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Rainbow Loom on Pinterest

You might have caught our previous post about the history of Rainbow Loom. We thought we'd check back in with Rainbow Loom and not surprisingly found this truly remarkable phenomemon continues to find popularity all over the worldwide web! Everybody knows this is true off the web too, as even Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing Rainbow Looms - making the highly successful product officially fit for royalty.

Today we thought we'd share a few of our favourite Rainbow Loom creations from Pinterest. Take a look. We hope they inspire you to join in the fun and make your own!

#1: A collection of colourful Rainbow Loom tutorials sure to spark your imagination

#2: See various Rainbow-Loom-with-celebrity sitings followed by photos of delightful designs

#3: Many interesting bracelets, hair bands and our personal favourite - Rainbow Loom sandals!

#4: Rainbow Loom characters including the instantly recognisable Simpsons family!

We hope you've enjoyed this selection of Rainbow Loom creations. Try searching Rainbow Loom on Pinterest and see what nuggets of imagination and demonstrations of craftsmanship you can find!