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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Puppet Shows for Children

The magic of puppets and imagination come to life.

Kids Party Puppet ShowPuppetry is an artform dating back, it is believed, 3 millennia. Throughout history it has been enjoyed the world over in many different forms from small stick figures to elaborate multi-limbed giants. It's easy to see how readily children in particular connect with the characters and stories brought to life through puppets - everybody's familiar with classics from their own childhood such as Sesame Street, the Muppets, and Sooty, and even today enjoy watching with their children the likes of Buzz and Tell, the Tweenies and Lazy Town.

Our experience is that kids are enthralled by puppet shows. We bring professional puppeteers to children's parties in London and the surrounding counties. A combination of fun, relatable characters, delightful stories and the experience of a pro bringing them to life means the kids are always thrilled by this event. It is a party favourite, and as such we include puppets in our party package The Works (along with other activities such as magic and balloon modelling), and also offer dedicated puppet shows for a full-length puppet show experience.

Why not visit our puppets page for more information about puppeteers and to see our puppets photo gallery.

Perhaps you're even looking for a puppeteer to entertain at your own party, in which case you can check our availability here.