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Thursday, 21 June 2018

How to Hold a Summer Party for Kids

Ideas for planning your summer celebration

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With the summer holidays coming up in just a few weeks, many kids are looking forward to a long stretch of fun-filled days! If you're planning to celebrate during the holiday time, then this week's blog post is for you. Join us as we explore How to Hold a Summer Party for Kids!

Here are the major points to consider when holding a summer party:

1. When will you have the party?

First thing's first! You have to decide on a date for your party. Here are a couple of points to consider:

  • When are your guests available? Many people go away for a few weeks in summer, so make sure your guests are available on your party date.
  • What's the weather forecast? Of course, it's difficult to know far in advance what the weather will be like. But you can make use of websites like the BBC's weather page to a get a good idea.

2. Who will you invite to the party?

Ask your kids to make a list of all their best friends who they'd like to invite. Be sure to limit the invitations to a number you can manage, such as 10-15 children. Before invitations are actually sent, make sure you've first decided on the following...

3. What is the party theme?

Will your celebration be themed? Maybe your kids have a favourite film or style they'd like the party to be centred around, such as Superheroes or Princesses. Here at JoJoFun we also offer a Sports party theme, perfect for outdoor events. Check in with the wee ones and see what they'd enjoy most!

4. Stock up and check equipment

With points 1-3 established, you can now begin stocking up on everything you'll need. Party bags, balloons, music, tables, seating, barbecue, etc. Also think about play equipment; at a summer party you could include games such as table tennis, trampolines, football...

If you don't have some of the equipment you'll need, you can rent items such as kids tables and chairs, or even a bouncy castle!

5. Entertainment

Along with the above, decide now if you'd like to book children's entertainment. All-round entertainers leading the kids in games and activities go down a treat at summer celebrations. Outdoor fun such as Bubble Shows, Stilt Walkers, and Fire Performers really wow the little ones (and create special memories!). If you do plan to book entertainment, check availability as soon as possible because entertainers are very much in demand during the summer months!

If you don't want to hire an entertainer, consider preparing some party games yourself to keep the kids occupied. We have included a few activities in our previous blog post.

6. Prepare your venue area

Make sure you have enough room to setup all the party furniture and play area. Check all the logistics, for example if you need electricity at your party, make sure you have an extension lead to reach outside (be sure to pin down the cord for safety), also consider preparing a hose pipe or sprinkler so people can cool off if the day is a real scorcher! Also, make sure you have a "plan b" area indoors if the weather turns on the day.

7. Food

Shortly before the party date, stock up on all the food you'll need. Party food such as snacks and fresh foods. This is a summer party so why not include summery fruit snacks like melon and grapes! If you're having food that is best prepared on the day, then get it in stock ready to prepare. Remember the drinks - the kids will need lots of liquids on a hot summer's day.

8. A day before the party

You can start setting up the party venue now. If no rain is forecast, you can put up all the decor, set up the play equipment, tables and chairs, etc. You can prepare most of the food now too.

9. The day of the party

Now's the time to set up all those things you couldn't do a moment sooner like any remaining food preparation. With everything in place, you are ready to receive your guests and enjoy the perfect summer party!

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