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Friday, 15 June 2018

8 Great Summer Activities

Summertime Activities for Kids

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Summer is just getting started, and even though we have a few cloudy days ahead, sunshine is on its way! In this week's blog post, we've found 8 Great Outdoor Activities for kids to make the most of the summer sun to come!

1. Ice Painting. Here's an easy-to-prepare activity! Mix non-toxic, washable paint with water and freeze - now you have colourful ice to paint with! The perfect way to cool off on those hot summer days.

2. Paper Boat Race. Make your own paper boats and race them in a paddling pool. You can make the boats sail by blowing through a straw behind them. Here is a great paper boat template you can use.

3. Lawn Twister. Make your own circular stencils using paper and spray paint the classic game onto your own garden lawn. Be careful using paint (definitely a job for a grownup). You should also use non-toxic, wash-away paint for this game so you don't damage the grass.

4. Sensory Play with Sand. Sandpits are great fun for young children and with a few extra props can be a place for lots of imaginative play: a miniature toy car, dinosaur or tiny plastic tree makes the sand itself a giant, desert world!

5. Hula Hoop Tag. This is the classic "tag - you're it!" game with a twist! Place hula hoops on the ground around the playing area. Kids standing inside a hoop cannot be tagged! Three important rules: 1) You can only stay inside the hoop for up to 10 seconds; 2) The child who is "it" may not stand next to a hoop waiting for those 10 seconds to be up!; and 3) Only one child per hoop!

6. Chalk Art. Why not spend an afternoon creating chalk art on the patio! Get some washable pavement chalk and set their inner artists free. When it next rains, all the masterpieces will wash away - so be sure to take photos!

7. Outdoor Investigation. With a magnifying glass and notebook, inspect all the natural life found in your own backyard. Carefully investigate all the insects, worms, and plants up close! List all the things you find in the notebook and what you noticed about them.

8. Balloon Volleyball. Here at JoJoFun we do lots of work with balloons! They're great for all kinds of activities, such as balloon volleyball. Simply divide your play area in two using a skipping rope and play "volley balloon"! First to 21 wins!

Note: Beware of any risks involved when undertaking activities, such as (but not limited to) falling over or the swallowing of small parts. All activities must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. JoJoFun is not responsible for how the content of this article is used.

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