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Friday, 8 September 2017

How to Make Your Own Stamps

5 Homemade Stamps Tutorials

Photos from sources linked below.

Time to 'stamp down on' boring weekend afternoons! This super craft project is a great way to spend a little time being creative. The best part is there are so many ways to go about it - your stamp can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. Read on for 5 different methods for making your very own stamp - get creative and leave your mark!

1. Potato Stamps. Create interesting shapes on paper or fabric with this tutorial from First Palette.

2. DIY Bottle Top Stamps. Put those old bottle lids to use. From Paging Fun Mums.

3. Bundle Pencil Eraser stamping - Stamp flowers and Grape bunches. Here's a fun idea using pencils. Maybe you could also try different bundled drawing tools? From Craft o Art.

4. Wine Cork Crafts & Art Project for Kids. Super ideas for cork-stamp projects! From Crafty Morning.

5. DIY Foam Stamps. Make your own reusable stamps with this indepth guide from Glued to My Crafts.

Note: Crafts often involve using scissors, craft knives and glue. A responsible adult must supervise crafts at all times and undertake the dangerous and difficult parts themselves. JoJoFun is not responsible for the content of external websites.