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Friday, 7 April 2017

Why are there Chocolate Eggs at Easter?

A brief guide to the history of Easter chocolate

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With Easter fast approaching, many shops are now overflowing with chocolate eggs and yummy Easter treats. But why do we eat eggs at Easter? The answer to this question and more is the theme of this week's blog post!

Why Eggs?

Eating eggs at Easter was not originally allowed by the church. Because of this, any eggs laid the week leading up to Easter Sunday, Holy Week, were saved and decorated. These beautifully dyed hen and duck eggs would then be given to children as presents the next week.

Similar to Christmas presents, giving presents at Easter really took off during the Victorian era. The Victorians made cardboard eggs covered with plush or satin and filled them with lovely Easter gifts.

What about Chocolate Eggs?

Easter eggs as we know them today have their roots in 19th century Germany and France. The first chocolate eggs were hard and solid, however later in the 19th century, with improved preparation techniques, hollow eggs were made and the Easter egg as we know it today became the norm.

Why the Easter Bunny?

Although precise beginnings are unclear, we know that the Easter Bunny was said to bring eggs as early as the 17th century. Because rabbits have big litters, they are viewed as symbols of new life. With this association, the Easter Bunny is said to decorate and hide eggs also to symbolise new life.

When did the Egg Hunt Game Begin?

Speaking of hiding eggs, when did Easter become a time for egg hunts? According to one professor, the beginnings of the egg hunt can be seen at the time of Protestant Christian Reformer Martin Luther. Various egg hunt games can be seen in different traditions dating far back, however it's a relatively new phenomenon in the UK - we familiarised ourselves with the game as late as 1892, when a University College professor remarked about the egg hunt games that German children play.

Easter Entertainment

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