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Friday, 4 March 2016

Mother's Day Flower Craft

A Creative Mother's Day Gift

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This Sunday, flowers, presents and cards will be seen in households all across the UK as mums everywhere enjoy their special day! We wanted to help with the preparations, so in this week's blog post we're featuring a delightful children's craft project. Kids will learn how to make a beautiful flower to tell their mum just how much they love her! Read on for the complete tutorial...

Materials you'll need

Coloured Card (or thick paper)
Pens (different coloured pens can add to the fun!)
Scissors and glue (to be used by the responsible adult)

Easy steps to create your mother's day flower

1. Draw a circle and 6 to 8 petals on the card/thick paper.

Tip: If you have a few sheets of differently coloured card, you can draw petals on different colours to create a multicoloured flower! Tip 2: Make the circle and petals big enough to write a line or two on later.

2. Carefully cut out the circle and petals.

3. Now your child can write in the circle "I love Mum because..." and write on each petal something different they love about their mum!

Tip: There might not be much space on each petal, so just one word can be written on each, such as "Fun" and "Kind".

Tip 2: Leave a bit of space on one end of each petal, as they will be glued to the circle next!

4. Glue the petals to the circle, so that the circle is at the front and the petals are glued to its back, with the words facing forward (see the photos at the top).

5. Now you can get creative with how the flower will be presented to mum. You could make a stalk for the flower with a pipe cleaner or drinking straw, or attach it to a mother's day card or bar of chocolate!

We hope you've had fun making your mother's day flower. Wishing all mums a happy mum's day, from JoJoFun!

Note: Adult supervision is required at all times when working with crafts. Use of scissors and glue should be undertaken by an adult only. Be careful of small parts such as pen lids. Don't leave your child alone with the materials.

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