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Friday, 25 March 2016

How to make your own Easter Eggs

Create your own yummy chocolate treats

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It seems there are limitless chocolate options available at the shops for Easter - so many it can be difficult to know what to choose! However there is nothing more unique than something you've made yourself. In this week's blog post, we'll show you how to do just that with our super easy tutorial. Read on to create something extra special for the kids, friends and family this Easter!

What you'll need

Chocolate. We recommend about 300g for 6 small eggs or 200g for a large egg. Experiment for thicker or thinner eggs.
Egg half moulds. You can get these reasonably priced from supermarkets or cake decoration shops.
Oil (flavourless).
Spoons and a pastry brush.
Baking tray

6 Easy Steps to make your Easter Eggs.

1. Make sure the egg mould is dust free and spread a little oil around the inside of it. This will make removing the egg easier later.

2. Heat the chocolate so that it melts. Don't boil the chocolate, this can ruin its flavour.

3. First layer. Pour the chocolate into both halves of the mould(s) using a spoon. Swirl the chocolate around until it evenly covers the mould. The pastry brush can be useful at this point to spread the excess chocolate around the mould.

Once the chocolate is evenly spread, leave the moulds in the fridge for five minutes to set. While it's setting, reheat the remaining chocolate so its ready for the next step.

4. Second layer. Once again, pour the heated chocolate into the mould, this time over the first layer which is now solid enough to act as a base.

Once the chocolate is applied, return the moulds to the fridge. Depending on how thick you would like your eggs, you can return them for five minutes to set and then apply another layer, or place them in the fridge now to fully set for the next step.

5. Carefully remove the egg halves from the moulds. To ensure the chocolate is fully set, we recommend leaving it in the fridge from 30 minutes to an hour before attempting this stage - it really depends on how thick the chocolate is.

6. Stick the two halves together. Heat a baking tray and carefully touch the edges of the egg halves to it to melt them a little, then press the egg halves together. Don't push too forcefully or the egg will break! Return the egg to the fridge for a few minutes so the edges set. Tip: place a few smarties in one half before closing the egg for an added bonus treat!

Optional extra: decorate your egg with icing and chocolate buttons!

We hope you enjoy your homemade chocolate eggs. Happy Easter from JoJoFun!

Important notice: Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult when in the kitchen. Be sure potentially hazardous activities such as heating the chocolate are undertaken by the responsible adult only.

How to make your own Easter eggs
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