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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back to School Blues

Dealing with the Back to School Blues

Going back to school is quite an adjustment to make after the summer holidays. Both children and parents can feel the 'back-to-school blues'. So this week we've collected top tips from around the web on dealing with this time, and hopefully having some fun along the way!

1. Talk to your child: Ask them what they're experiencing with regards going back to school. What are their fears and concerns? What are they looking forward to (or enjoying if they're already back at school)? This helps ease any burden they might feel in making the change. You might even find solutions for what's worrying them and ways to amplify what they're enjoying.

2. Empathise with them: Similar to talking things over, connecting with what you're child is experiencing and letting them know this really helps them feel connected at a time when they may feel 'separated' from home.

3. Get to know the school: Most important if your child is starting at a new school is meeting the teachers and school staff, and getting to know the school building so you're familiar with what your child is experiencing during the day.

4. Plan your morning: You may have started back at school already, but if not then rehearsing can help you get used to your new routine in advance. Get up at the time you'll get up when back at school, make breakfast, do everything you'd do preparing them to get to school on time. Rehearsing like this will take a lot of the stress out of those first mornings back.

Finally here are a few handy, easy steps you can take to make the whole process that bit more fun:

  • Be peaceful and happy as you prepare to leave the house in the morning.

  • Smile, enjoy yourself and play games on the way to school.

  • Send fun notes and pictures in their lunch box.

  • Get to know other parents - set up play dates with classmates.

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