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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Happy Teddy Bear Day from JoJoFun

Teddy Bear Day 2015

Teddy Bear lovers across the world are celebrating their favourite toy's special day today. Originally an American celebration, this day is now celebrated by Teddy Bear enthusiasts across the world... and we at JoJoFun are no exception!

Who doesn't have a memory of their favourite cuddly toy growing up, whether a teddy bear, dog, cat or something else? These companions stood by us no matter what, helped us to sleep soundly and were always available to play!

This evening, why not invite your child to bring their favourite Teddy Bear to the dinner table or couch so everyone can get in the celebrating spirit. It's fun for children to celebrate and you can support their imagination and creativity in how they'd like to do that today!

Nobody knows how Teddy Bear Day got started, but who needs a reason to have fun? Bringing a whole lotta fun is what we do all day, every day at JoJoFun!

Fun Fact: Teddy Bears were named after the US president Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. One day Teddy and his friends went on an unsuccessful hunting trip. One of his friends found a baby bear and invited Teddy to shoot it, so all wouldn't be lost. Teddy wouldn't have that! He naturally refused. Shortly after, a toy bear manufacturer saw the opportunity and named their line of bears "Teddy's Bear." The name stuck!