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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Children’s Party Fun with Balloon Science

There is no stopping JoJoFun when it comes to finding a whole lotta fun in anything to do with children including bringing science into our flagship party mix ‘The Works’.

To us, there is no difference between a child’s amazement over magic and science. Both magic and science exude deliciously captivating, jaw-dropping sizzle!

No wonder children of all ages – yes – we are speaking about you too adults – love to participate in the magic of science. It appeals to all hearts. After all, we are inquisitive creatures who love to have fun and science is fun indeed; especially when we make it about balloons. Yes. It’s true! There is a tonne of magically wonderful science in Balloons. Have you ever wondered what happens to a balloon when you pop it over a bottle that has vinegar and bicarbonate of soda? Or, what about if you stick an inflated balloon on a string and release the air? We’d be happy to show you and your guests how we can mix entertainment fun with magical science.

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