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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Create Your Own Decorated Shoes

Fun art projects for kids

Photos from sources linked below.

This week's blog post is for up-and-coming fashion designers and artists! We've collected 5 funtastic tutorials to assist children in creating their very own decorated shoes. Time to let your child's creativity "run" free!

1. Painted Shoes. Kids can make painted shoes in the style of artist Teodoro Dragonieri. From Kinder Art.

2. Create Your Own Decorated Tennis Shoes. Give your tennis shoes the fun treatment with this tutorial from Childhood 101.

3. Painted Sneakers. This guide from Martha Stewart has good tips on the fundamentals in shoe decorating.

4. Paint Splatter Shoes! Messy paint splatter fun from Cut Out And Keep.

5. How to Make Kids' Shoes. With a pair of white sneakers as a base, add stars and glitter to make your own snazzy sneaker set. From How Stuff Works.

Bonus: Make your shoes laces super colourful! A great tutorial from Pink Stripey Socks.

Important: Crafts often involve using scissors, craft knives, glue and other hazardous tools. A responsible adult must supervise crafts at all times and undertake the dangerous and difficult parts themselves. JoJoFun is not responsible for the content of external websites.