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Thursday, 16 August 2018

10 Magical Facts About Disney Princesses

Fascinating Facts for Disney Fans

Images © The Walt Disney Company. Sourced from links below.

How much do you know about Disney princesses? With Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel and all the princesses starting over with a whole new look in the film Ralph Breaks The Internet, we're exploring the fascinating history of these iconic characters! Read on for 10 Magical Facts About Disney Princesses!

1. Snow White was not Disney's first princess. This place of honour goes to 'Persephone', a Silly Symphonies short from 1937.

2. A number of Disney's princesses originate from fairy tales and myths. Cinderella for example first appeared in the ancient Greek tale Rhodopis, first recorded around 7 BC!

3. It was Emma Watson who requested Belle be the inventor instead of Belle's father in the the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. This made it more believable that the villagers treated her differently.

4. Princess Merida is the first Disney princess to have a Scottish accent, and the second to have a non-American accent.

5. Princess Aurora has the least amount of dialogue of all the Disney princesses - a total of 18 lines!

6. The music box in Anastasia is based on a real music box, which the Empress of Russia gave to the real Anastasia.

7. Elsa from Frozen was loosely based on actress Bette Midler in early concept art.

8. After the success of Snow White in the late 1930s, Disney planned to make a sequel, Snow White Returns, but it never went to production.

9. Snow White is the only Disney princess to have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

10. The Little Mermaid was the last film Disney made using the old cel animation process. The last scene of The Little Mermaid and every movie since has been made using computer animation processes.

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