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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Magnificent Magnet Activities

8 Magnet Activities for Kids

Photos from sources linked below.

Explore the fascinating world of magnets! In our latest blog post, we've collected 8 super-fun activities for kids to experiment with.

1. Magnetic Slime. Make slime come alive with this super activity from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

2. How Far Will a Magnet Jump? Fascinating activity explores how magnets 'jump'. From PreKinders.

3. Crazy Magnetic Hair Styles. Crazy magnetic hairstyles from Laughing Kids Learn

4. Fishing for Sight Words, Letters and Numbers. Fishing fun from Home School Den.

5. Build Your Own Robot Free Printable. Great printable template to make your own robot magnets. From Picklebums.

6. Magnet Track Craft. Race with magnetic cars! Have a blast with this great activity from Meaningful Mama.

7. Make your own functioning compass. Surprisingly simple and effective activity from Gift of Curiosity.

8. Preschool Science – Magnet Exploration. Discover magnets in your surroundings with this fun activity from Mess For Less.

Note: Because magnet activities involve small parts (eg the magnets themselves) and sharp objects for cutting, a responsible adult must supervise all the activities in this article at all times. Adults should undertake the difficult parts themselves and make sure the child does not swallow the magnets or put the magnets near their mouths.