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Thursday, 12 April 2018

How to Have a Magic Party

Finding a magic act for your event

Many entertainment companies offer magic in different varieties, and it's not always obvious to parents preparing for their child's special day just which entertainment option to choose. In this week's blog post, we explore three possible variations so you can select magic entertainment that works best for you.

All-Round Entertainers

It's usual for entertainment companies to offer an all-round party entertainment option, providing a combination of services all at once such as balloon modelling, games, bubbles, and magic. This is where confusion might set in - if you want a magic show for the children, why not hire an all-round entertainer who can perform a show and provide a few balloon animals at the same time?

This approach is fine, but the natural result of many activities being packed into an hour or two is that no one particular activity will be emphasised into a full-blown act. Magic included in packages like these is usually a number of tricks performed directly with the children in the entertainment space, rather than a complete stage show. The children love tricks along with games and balloons, but party planners wanting a greater focus on magic should look for a dedicated magician.

Dedicated Magicians

Dedicated magicians offer a complete show for children, with lots of props, practiced routines and audience participation. Kids are delighted by shows such as these - they are the party magic shows many of us remember from childhood, proving their perennial success with the little ones.

It is difficult to say precisely what you can expect from a dedicated magician. Each magician will bring their own flavour to the event, with a unique repertoire of tricks and stage business. In addition, many entertainment companies will secure the magician for your event after you have booked them, so cannot advise on the specifics of an act beforehand. With all this said, this is the option to choose if you want to hire a pro with a prepared magic act optimised to bring big smiles to little faces.

Close up/Advanced Magic

Some entertainment companies will give you the option to book a close-up magician. This will vary from company to company, but mostly what this means is that the magician is experienced in modern forms of magic such as street magic, and is capable of performing tricks that will entertain both children and grownups alike. Definitely do your research on close-up magic options on an individual basis, however this is where to start your search if you want party guests of all ages to enjoy the show.

We hope this article has helped clarify different magic options for children's parties. Are there any other types of children's party magic you have encountered not included here? Email us to let us know and we'll update the article!