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Friday, 16 March 2018

What is Themed Entertainment?

How is a themed party different from a regular party?

It can be exciting to go that extra mile when arranging party entertainment. Standard options such as games, magic, and balloon modelling are wonderful fun, but you have the inside scoop: your child has a favourite activity or character or TV show, and it would make their day for the party to be themed accordingly!

Here's where professional entertainers can really shine. Most companies will offer a range of party themes. Here at JoJoFun we have a vast range, and many years behind us honing them. When doing your research before booking entertainment, browse the entertainment company's website or make a phone call and see what they can do. Some companies will also offer bespoke themed packages, so if you don't see exactly what you're looking for on their website, maybe they can accommodate you anyway.

So, what is the difference between a themed party and a regular party?

Let's take the case of a regular party. A standard party entertainment package will include activities such as games, music, magic, balloon modelling and bubbles. Now, if you select a "Superhero" theme, many of these activities will still be performed, but the activities will have a superhero twist. The games for example could have the children "saving the day" or training to become superheroes. A "Frozen" party theme may include a snow machine - a fun addition to music-based games! Theming standard party entertainment is what you can expect for most party theme options.

Now, sometimes a party theme calls for something entirely removed from standard party entertainment. A sports party, for example, may have the children running around, competing in sports activities for prizes, or the entertainer might perform sports-based tricks such as high-level football skills. At JoJoFun, we offer a science party theme where the kids gets to perform experiments and see some remarkable demonstrations of natural phenomena such as static electricity and tricks with sound.

These are the two different kinds of themed party entertainment most companies can offer: a broad selection of themed party entertainment activities, or a more narrowly focused but unique package. We would suggest enquiring with the entertainment company before booking to answer any questions regarding the particular party theme you want.

Another way to complete a themed party is to invite a mascot. Mascots cannot lead children in party games (the costumes can overheat), so you will still require an entertainer, however they are a delightful addition to the party - imagine your child's face when their favourite character actually walks into the room for a walk-about and photos.

Hopefully this article has helped you in understanding themed party entertainment. We love sharing our insight with you - please feel free to email us your questions so we can address them in future blog posts!