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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Where Will You Host Your Party?

Finding the right venue for your event

Your wee one's special day is coming up, so you're going to celebrate with professional party entertainment. All is looking good - you've found your children's entertainer, ordered the cake, even found professionally prepared party bags. But do you have a venue to accommodate all this and your little guests?

This is a sticking point for many people when preparing parties, especially if children's entertainment is involved. After all, different kinds of entertainment require different spaces. This should be your first consideration -

What kind of space does the entertainment require?

Some entertainment will require larger spaces such as stilt walkers and jugglers, still others will definitely need a dedicated outdoor space such as fire performers. You can talk this over with the children's entertainer you are booking. They will have lots of experience behind them to make recommendations and also know exactly how much space they need to perform their act and if they require nearby parking.

Many children's entertainers who present all-round party activities (such as combinations of music, games, balloon modelling, etc.) have honed their act to fit into almost any venue, from living rooms at home to big corporate halls. In fact, if you've still not settled on which entertainment you'd like, and require this kind of flexibility, an all-round entertainer is your safest bet.

How many guests do you have?

In addition to the entertainer's requirements, you'll have to accommodate all your party guests. Not only the children, but also parents! Be sure about how many grownups will be accompanying their kids so there is enough space for them too. Another consideration, mentioned before with entertainers, is parking. This is certainly going to be vital if you're holding a big event. If your guests are friends and family, then perhaps they can share a vehicle if parking space is an issue.

Ideas for venues

If you've decided to rent a venue rather than hold your party at home, there are many different types of spaces you can consider. Over the years we have entertained at all kinds of venues: churches, community halls, corporate spaces, streets, parks, buses, sports arenas, restaurants, etc. See which of these might be available in your local community (of course, an internet search is a great place to start!) and go from there!

We hope this helps. To summarise:

1) Talk with your entertainer to find out what kind of space they need.
2) Consider how many guests you have (including accompanying grownups) and how much space they will need.
3) Consider also parking options for your entertainer and guests.
4) Decide if you will hold your party at home or at another venue. If you're going with another venue, choose from any of the ideas listed or any others you can think of, and then search for what's local to you.

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