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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Celebrating Your Child's 1st Birthday

Make Their Special Day Extra Special

Congratulations and welcome to your child’s very first birthday celebration. I'm sure you are extremely excited and proud to have this little love bug in your life! And now you’re already looking at reaching an incredible milestone: their first year! What wonderful news for you and your family. Kudos goes to you, as well, for getting to this stage in your little one’s life. The first year is never an easy one.

During moments of caring and nursing your little one, your mind is likely wandering and wondering about celebrations for the Big 1st Birthday. It is the 1st birthday after all and it’s a biggie! In some cultures, such as in China and Korea, the 1st birthday is the biggest celebration of all birthdays.

This can be a time of bringing all the family together to celebrate the growth and development that has happened in such a short period of time, or it can be a time to really let your hair down, or up – your choice – and let some energy fly!

In any case, it is a moment of celebration and it’s worth taking the time to celebrate you and the tremendous development of your little one.

There are many ways you can do this too, from getting a lovely cake for the little one to dig in to, to all-out children's entertainment.

As professional children’s entertainers, we've been to many 1sts. While this seems over the top for a one-year-old, it’s entertainment not for the birthday child as much as it is for the other younger guests.

We’ve had clients looking for jaw-dropping, wow-factor shows including fire, and others wanting more humble entertainment such as musical play with singing and dancing and bubbles.

All is suitable. It’s just simply down to your desire and how you want to celebrate this grand achievement.

Looking for Ideas? Here are a few other ways you can make their day extra special:

1. Make a One Year book with photos and memories from the past year
2. Give Goody Bags to all the children celebrating with you
3. Make a Happy Birthday banner
4. Invite a professional photographer to capture the moment
5. Write a letter to your baby for them to read when they're grown up