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Friday, 6 January 2017

Build a Perfect Snowman

8 Hints and Tips to Make a Super Snowman

Britain is due for heavy snowfall this month according to several news sources. Here at JoJoFun, we believe every snow cloud has a super-fun lining, so for this week's blog post we've put together 8 hints and tips for building snowmen! If it snows where you are, we hope it's snowman-building snow!

1. Select a shaded place to build your snowman. It's best to choose a partially protected area such as under a tree, in order to protect the snowman from the weather.

2. Snowballs are like bricks in snowman building - they're what you put the snowman together with. Make big snowballs by making a snowball with your hands, then rolling it around on the ground so it collects more snow. The more you roll it, the more snow will be collected, until eventually you have a huge snowball the size you want.

3. Start from the bottom up. Make your snowman like a building - from the foundation! Roll together a huge ball of snow for the base, then smaller balls for the body and head.

4. Choose the right snow. Snowman-building snow is not too powdery, and not too icey. It's said that snow that falls at 0° C is best. If the snow is too dry, try spraying it with a little water.

5. What to choose for the mouth and eyes? Failing the classic pieces of coal, try differently sized rocks and pebbles. Carve out the shape of the eyes and mouth with a stick first and then insert rocks and pebbles. This way they won't fall off later.

6. Try different fruits for the nose. What will you choose? A carrot, an apple, a tangerine? Experiment!

7. Add a scarf and hat. This is what makes a snowman look 'pro'! Be sure not to use any clothing that you care about, as it's bound to get wet and weathered!

8. Take a picture before the weather changes!

Note: When it snows, always follow the safety guidelines of the local weather report. Don't go out in dangerous weather. Only try out the tips listed in this blog post if it's safe to go out and be sure to wrap up well!

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