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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Amazing Inventions by Kids

8 Incredible Innovations

The future is looking very exciting indeed with incredible inventions coming from children and teenagers all across the world! The past ten years alone have seen lots of innovations, prototypes, and even working machines from amazingly creative individuals. In this week's blog post, we look at 8 of these amazing breakthroughs in technology and creative entrepreneurship.

1. Versatile System. Javier Fernández-Han was 9 years old when he decided to use his creativity and ability for invention to help people. Now, several years on, he's designed the Versatile System that naturally treats waste, grows food, produces fuel, and captures greenhouse gases.
2. Pediatric IV Backpack. 11-year-old cancer survivor Kylie Simonds invented this backpack to carry all that's need for chemotherapy treatments.
3. Water Watcher. Elizabeth Rintels was 12 when she came up with the Water Watcher - a device that monitors shower water usage and beeps when a half-gallon has been used.
4. Family Scooter. This wonderful idea by 9-year-old Wendy Ridley brings all the family together for scooter outtings in the park! It was manufactured thanks to British inventor Dominic Wilcox.
5. Environmentally-Friendly Air Freshener. Two high school students from Indonesia invented a natural air freshener - the liquid is, almost unbelievably, derived from cow dung!
6. Hiccupops. Ever have a stubborn case of the hiccups? Thirteen-year-old Mallory Kievman did and was inspired to try all kinds of folk remedies, which led to her unique invention, the Hiccupop - a lollipop that cures the hiccups!
7. Wall-Climbing Backpack. Hibiki "Spider boy" Kono invented this backpack to scale walls - the high-tech device uses two recycled vacuum cleaners!
8. Pancreatic Cancer Detection Tool. The cancer research community was astounded when fifteen-year-old Jack Andraka invented a test that detects pancreatic cancer in its early stages. Jack won top prize at the Intel International Science Fair for his incredible invention.
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