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Friday, 7 October 2016

Clowning Around - 5 Party Ideas

Clown-Themed Kids Party Ideas

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Here at JoJoFun, we're serious about play! Clowning around is our business and we love nothing more than seeing all the kids enjoying the antics at our parties. In this week's blog post, you can create some clown-themed fun in your own home with 5 funtabulous ideas and activities!

1. Feed the Clown. This party game is lots of fun and easy to prepare. Draw a big picture of a clown on cardboard and cut out the mouth so there is a hole in the cardboard. Then with your objects of choice - we recommend bean bags - take it in turns to throw them and see who can land the most through the mouth! Try standing about ten feet away from the cardboard, which will need to be propped up. Be careful no breakable objects are nearby!

2. Crafty Clowns. Make paper-plate clown faces like the one in the image above. All you need is colour paper, perhaps some string for hair, glitter and any other crafty bits and bobs you can think of! Make sure a responsible adult does any gluing or cutting out!

3. Clown Relay Race. This one's for outdoors. You'll need a collection of wacky clown clothes that the kids can put on over their regular clothes - coats, wigs, noses, etc. Place the clothes at a finish line about 20 feet away from the start line. Divide the players into teams of two. There will need to be one set of clothes for each team. When the race starts, one child from each team runs to the finish line, puts on a set of clown clothes, races back to the start line and takes off the clown clothes and tags their race partner who puts on the clothes, races to the finish line and leaves them there, and then runs back to the start line. The first team to complete this circuit wins. You could have a best of five rounds competition.

4. Clown Food. Why not get creative in the kitchen and prepare clown-themed food - you can simply arrange fruit and vegetables so they look like a clown's face (they're perfect because of all the colours!). See the image above for inspiration.

5. Be a Clown. Of course, no clown or circus-themed party would be complete without the kids themselves having the opportunity to dress up - so get all the bright clothes, colourful wigs and oversized glasses you can find (charity shops are great for these things)! Why not provide a little Face Painting too?

Did you know?
JoJoFun's friendly and funny clown Franz appeared on ITV's This Morning to help a guest overcome their fear of clowns. They were not only successful, but Franz was invited to sit down on the sofa with the guest and say hello to Holly and Phillip! See the clip and find out more about JoJoFun's Clowns available for children's parties.

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