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Thursday, 17 December 2015

5 Christmas Games to Play at Home

Ideas for fun with the family this Christmas

It's just over a week until Father Christmas makes his journey across the world to deliver presents to all the girls and boys. We're having a wonderful holiday already delivering funtabulous entertainment to Christmas parties all across London. In fact, we love to know that fun is happening all the time, so we've compiled a list of games you can play at home with the family this Christmas!

1. Christmas Charades. Try giving a festive twist to the traditional party game. Create Christmas-themed categories such as carols, movies, pop songs and any more you can think of.

2. Memory Game. One person places different Christmas items on a dinner tray, such as gifts from the crackers, a decoration from the tree, a Christmas stocking, the jar of cranberry sauce. Now with the tray full of items, present it to the rest of the group and give them one minute to memorise the items before taking the tray away again. Then give everybody thirty seconds to write down all the items they remember - the person who remembers the most items wins. Tip: try playing with the timing, e.g. give people more or less time to remember the items.

3. Name that Carol or Christmas Pop Song. Make a list of a few lines from Christmas carols and Christmas-themed pop songs. The lines you choose can't give away the title of the carol or song. The person who can guess the most amount of carol and song titles from the lines given wins.

4. Telegrams. Choose a word, such as Rudolph or Present. Now everybody in the group has to write a telegram in the form of an acronym of the chosen word, and their message must be related to that word in some way. For example, the "Present" telegram could read: "Please Remember Everybody Send Each Nephew Toys."

5. Pin the Nose on the Reindeer. Why not try your hand at this make-it-yourself game from Living on the Crafty side of life.

We hope you have fun with these party games! Merry Christmas everybody!


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