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Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to Make Wooden Spoon Dolls

Have fun creating your own puppets from wooden spoons

Kids love playing with dolls and action figures. Endless fun can be had as situations, interactions and games are imagined and acted out. With wooden spoon dolls, you can combine this love of dolls and action figures with arts and crafts - does it get better?

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You only need the following:

  • Wooden spoons. Look for these at your local supermarket.
  • Glue. Child friendly PVA glue is best!
  • Wool. Before buying why not ask friends and relatives if they have any spare!
  • Felt or fabric you can trim to size. A haberdashery shop will stock felt. However you could use old unwanted clothing and cut that to size instead. Let the kids choose their favourite colours and textures with all the wool and fabrics.
  • Googly eyes. Visit your local crafts shop and have fun choosing googly eyes of all shapes and sizes!

Okay, now you have all your funtabulous art supplies, let's get to work (or play, if you prefer!).

1. Cut the felt/fabric into the shape of the clothing for your doll. You might make a one-piece dress or two piece shirt and trousers or something entirely different. In order to gauge the size of the clothing, bear in mind the bowl of the spoon will be the doll's head in the end.

2. Choose your wool for hair. You could layer in different colours for extra fun! Cut it to size. For longer hair you could tie it with ribbons.

3. Take the felt/fabric clothing and woolen hair you have prepared and glue them on to the spoon, using the bowl of the spoon as the head.

4. Finish by drawing a face on the spoon and letting the glue dry!

You could try making a whole group of spoons - let your child's imagination run free, maybe they would like a family of spoons or a superhero team of spoons!

Note: Adult supervision is required at all times when children are handling potentially harmful items such as scissors and glue. At your own discretion you may choose to undertake these steps rather than the children.

Have you made your own spoon dolls? Why not send us photographs and we'll publish them on our social media.