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Thursday, 13 August 2015

5 Summer Activities for Kids

Summer holiday fun with minimal planning

Over the course of the summer holidays, it's easy to run out of ideas for things to do to keep active. With computers, tablets and phones handy, the trap of spending more time than intended playing computer games is ever present, so we've compiled a list of activities that can all be done with minimal planning!

1. Have a picnic. You might have enjoyed this favourite pastime in your own childhood, and your parents in theirs! It's exciting for kids because it's new and different. You can take lunch to the local square, park, or if it's raining, stay inside and have a picnic on the living room floor!

2. Treasure Hunt. This party game can be played with the simplest of objects, the fun comes in creating ways to find them - you can mark the objects with different coloured pegs or create your own clues (you could mime the clues like in a game of charades). You can play this in your own house, garden, or local park.

3. Here's one for a rainy day (after all, the sunshine in England comes and goes!). Cover chairs with blankets and make a castle, rabbit burrow, pirate ship... let their imaginations run free!

4. Wacky Races. Put your thinking cap on and create crazy race courses with obstacles and twisty-turny routes and anything else you can imagine! For added wackiness, try racing in different ways, such as relay racing and three-legged racing.

5. Go creepy-crawly spotting. Search for their favourite bugs in the garden or local park. Before you go, make a list of creatures they want to see so they can tick them off as they find them!

Pictured: Wacky Races © Hanna-Barbera.