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Friday, 12 September 2014

Brief History of Children's Stories

Storytelling is one of our favourite activities at children's parties. It's grand telling a story, seeing their little eyes light up as imaginations stir, and having them interact with the characters and narrative of the tale we tell.

JoJoFun's brief history of children's stories

It's no chance thing that both we and the children love stories so much, because stories are part of what makes people who they are - they can be found in every single culture on the planet, from the myths and legends of native tribes in farflung places to soap operas on our televisions!

Although it is surprising to note that children's stories as we know them - the picture book - did not become part of our society until recent times. Relatively speaking, anyway. 130 years ago, artist Randolph Caldecott pioneered the use of pictures as story-telling tools. Up until then, they perhaps accompanied text, but it was the text that told the story. It was the late nineteenth and early twentieth century that ushered in the picture book for children, and of course all through the twentieth century the medium continued to develop into what we know it to be today.

JoJoFun present interactive story fun

At our parties, we present interactive children's stories, as we believe in flowing with the spontaneity that comes natural to kids, leading them in terrifically interactive activities, all in the name of fun!

Stories are included in our kids party package The Works. Find out more on our website.

Pictured: Jean De Brunhoff's Babar first appeared in 1931.