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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Singing Entertainment in London

If there's one thing everybody on the JoJoFun team loves, it's music. We might all be singers at heart. Who doesn't love the idea of letting their voices ring out with beautiful melodies. It seems the world is in agreement, with hugely popular music and talent shows such as X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent. Naturally, with all this passion and an entertainment company wanting to bring a whole lotta fun to the world, we couldn't help but extend our services to include Singing Entertainers.

Children love songs, just like us grown ups. They love to listen, sing along, and dance. They love songs with stories and songs with interesting and playful sounds. The Works, our flagship children's party package, always includes songs. We also have very talented singing entertainers all set to provide dedicated singing entertainment to kids parties.

Singing Entertainers at JoJoFun are award winners, have years of experience, and have performed all over the world, singing all styles such as opera, pop, soul, jazz, rock, RnB, and musical theatre. They sing at all celebrations, from big corporate events to family parties.

We're proud to provide Singing Entertainment to children's party events all across London and the surrounding counties. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, wedding, staff party, nursery or school event, singing is bound to fit into your event and be appreciated by all.

Pictured: Marika, singing entertainer at JoJoFun.

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