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Friday, 11 August 2017

Space-Themed Fun for Kids

8 Intergalactic Games and Activities

Photos from sources linked below.

This weekend, the Perseid meteor shower will peak, promising a startling display of up to 100 shooting stars per hour! That's a lot of wishes! In this week's blog post, we celebrate this dazzling spectacle with out-of-this-world Space Games and Activities for Kids.

1. {Stars & Planets} Free Printable Game. Lots of fun with this game from Kids Activities Blog.

2. Erupting Moon Rocks. The kids will be over the moon with this project from Learn Play Imagine.

3. Rocket Landings Word Families Game. Educational fun from Rainy Day Mum.

4. Foil + Ribbon = Comet. Make your own flying comet! From Kiwico.

5. Little Makers: gravity painting. Learn about gravity with this wonderfully creative activity from Adventures of a Children's Librarian.

6. Straw Rockets (with Free Rocket Template). A unique idea from Buggy and Buddy.

7. Astronaut Doll Pretend Play. Turn a regular Barbie doll into an astronaut with this great activity from Left Brain Craft Brain.

8. Outer Space Games for Birthday Parties! Stuck for ideas for party games? Here's a great space-themed selection from Queen of Theme Party Games.

Perseid meteor shower 2017 weather forecast

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