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Friday, 3 February 2017

How to Make a Time Capsule

Make a surprise gift set for future generations

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What would you share with future generations to tell them about life in 2017? This week, we cover the basics of how to prepare your very own time capsule with an easy-to-follow tutorial - fun for the kids, and for their kids' kids too!

Steps to Making Your Own Time Capsule

1. Preparation: Who is your time capsule for?

Have a think about who your time capsule will be for. Is it for you, 50 years from now? Your grandchildren? A lucky archeologist, 1000 years in the future? The answer to this question will help you decide on what to put in the time capsule and where to store it.

2. Choose items to go in the time capsule

There are so many options and this is where you can really be creative. What might be exciting or interesting for future generations to see? Consider what represents the time you're living in now.

Here are a few ideas:

Cinema tickets
A new and popular toy
A message describing who you are and what your life is like
An example of the latest technology (nothing with batteries, as they can become corrosive in time)
Packaging from food and other supermarket products. Include a receipt to show the prices!
A stamped postcard

3. Choose the box

If you're considering burying the time capsule, you'll have to store it in something strong and weather proof like a steel box. Gel bags are good to absorb moisture and protect what's inside. Of course, if the time capsule is for your own family, perhaps your grandchildren or great grandchildren, then you can keep it indoors in a storage cupboard. In this case, a thick box folder stored in a cool, dry place will do.

4. If the box is being stored indoors, why not have fun decorating it with stickers and paints!

5. Store the box

You decided where you're going to store the time capsule in step 3, and now's the time to do just that. But first, be sure to make a note of this location! The best way is to write down exactly where the time capsule is (the address, room, cupboard, or if buried, then coordinates and photographs of the location), who it's intended for, and when it should be opened, and make multiple copies of this information for your family members and people you trust.

Note: The time capsule activity in this article may involve using scissors, paints, and equipment to bury items such as a spade or shovel, etc. A responsible adult must supervise this activity at all times and undertake the dangerous and difficult parts themselves.

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