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Friday, 23 December 2016

Gift Wrapping Ideas

8 Tips for Wrapping Presents

Photos from sources linked below.

Christmas is just two more sleeps away! Have you finished wrapping your presents yet? If not, don't panic, we've collected a few gift-wrapping techniques and tricks together to help you not only wrap 'em up quickly, but with style!

1. In Japan, They Have a Faster Way to Wrap Gifts. You've probably seen this Japanese wrapping "hack" online that shows you how to wrap a present in 15 seconds. Well, here's a great article that slows the trick down to show you how! From House Beautiful.

2. Gift Wrap Idea. All you need for this idea is paper and a pen! From Right at Home.

3. Creative DIY Wrapping Paper & Homemade Honey Vanilla Marshmallows. Make your own wrapping paper using old newspapers, maps, or fabric. From Blaise Adkison Design.

4. How To Tie the Perfect Bow. What do you do with all this ribbon, anyway? Learn how to tie the perfect bow with this great tutorial from Paper Source.

5. Make gift tags from Instagram photos!. Do you have a printer? Make your own personalised gift tags with photographs. From A Beautiful Mess.

6. Make Holiday Cards And Gift Wrap Using DIY Stamps. Not happy with plain wrapping paper? Decorate it with your own custom-made stamp. While not necessarily a quick task, it looks great! From Handmade Charlotte.

7. 12 Days Of Wrapping: Pixel Weave. Here's a unique idea for an alternative to ribbon. This one might take a little while too, depending on how handy with scissors and weaving you are! From Brit+Co.

8. How to Make Gift Bags in 30 Seconds. Here's a quick and effective way to wrap your gifts.

Happy wrapping and a merry Christmas to all our readers!

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