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Friday, 19 February 2016

Creative Activities with Exotic Animals

Animal arts and crafts for kids

Photos from sources linked below.

Exotic animals and creatures from distant places offer a world of intrigue and educational fun for kids. From colourful chameleons to gentle giant pandas, children enjoy learning all there is to know about our scaly, furry, or feathered friends from far away! In this week's blog post, we're presenting arts and crafts activities based on the theme of exotic animals. Perhaps your child can find an activity that includes their favourite animal!

1. Panda Coloring Pages. Black-and-white pictures ready to be printed and coloured in from Why not get creative with the colours!

2. Paper Plate Parrot Craft. This parrot mask looks great!

3. Giraffe Handprint Painting. A simple and effective project from Activity Village.

4. Easy Elephant. This elephant craft stands by itself using clothes pegs!

5. Paper Bag Tiger Craft. Create your own puppet.

6. Chameleon Paper Sculptures. An exciting 4-day project from Mrs. Nguyen.

7. Seahorse Art Project for Kids. Comprehensive tutorial from The Crafty Classroom.

8. Printable Hippo Craft. Have fun putting together and colouring this cute hippo!

9. Funny Zebra. Make your own cardboard-tube zebra.

10. Gorilla Colouring Pages. A selection of colouring-in pages from Hello Kids.

Was your child's favorite animal not in the list above? Try browsing through these resources online:

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