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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

Festive Craft Tutorial from JoJoFun

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With Christmas exactly one month away, the Christmas tree will soon be going up (if it hasn't already!). This time of year is always special and one especially fun activity is adding new decorations to the tree, and so we've compiled this tutorial for you to not only add a new decoration, but a homemade one!

Before we begin, you will need:

1. Cone mold. You can purchase polystyrene cones for the cone shape, or make your own with thick paper wrapped around and glued to form the shape.
2. Cling film.
3. String. Choose the colours you like! You could try making a rainbow effect with different colours for added fun.
4. Starch/stiffener.
5. Glue. Try a craft glue that dries transparent.
6. Decorations. Search your local craft shop for little items you can glue to the tree at the end to decorate it. Rhinestone works especially well.

Now you have your items, simply follow these steps to make your very own Christmas Tree decoration:

1. Take your cone mold and wrap the cling film around it.
2. Dip the string in the starch/stiffener.
3. Wind the string around the cling-film-covered cone. Keep winding until you have a cone shape made of string - you don't have to completely cover the whole cone, however, as part of the visual appeal of these decorations is the gaps in the string at the end.
4. Leave it to dry.
5. When the string is dry, add your chosen decorations to the tree using the craft glue.
6. After the glue has dried, you can gently remove the cone from under the string. It should slide out easily from under the cling film. Now you can easily remove the cling film too, leaving just the string fixed in the shape of the cone - again, do this gently as the decoration is fragile!

Now you have your very own homemade Christmas tree decoration! Put it on the real tree or on the mantle and enjoy!

Crafts are lots of fun for kids. Kids can have fun choosing the string and decorations, and applying them to the cone too. This particular activity will require grown up assistance for the parts that require care - such as when removing the cone and handling the finished decoration.

Note: Adult supervision is necessary at all times when working with glue, scissors, small parts, and all crafts with such hazards.

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