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Thursday, 16 July 2015

JoJo Art - Styrofoam Stamps

Make Your Own Styrofoam Stamps

Here's a super fun idea for all the little artists in the family! Start saving styrofoam from pizza packages, new gadget and toy boxes and anywhere else you can find it, because next time it's raining outside we have the perfect creative activity for you.

Pictures selected from Pinterest

Styrofoam Stamps

They're very easy to make and lots of fun for kids who can get involved not only in creating the stamps, but also in using them - personalised stamps look great in Christmas and birthday cards! Relatives will love to receive these creative works from the kids.

How to Make a Styrofoam Stamp

1. Find your styrofoam. Hopefully you've been saving it up from various places (ask friends and family to save it too!)

2. Cut the styrofoam into squares. Each square will be the overall size of one stamp, 15 cm x 15 cm per square is plenty.

3. Let the kids draw their designs on the squares - felt tip might work best.

4. Now you can trace over their designs, pressing harder into the styrofoam so the lines of the picture are indentations in the styrofoam. The older children can join in with this part.

5. Here comes the fun (and sometimes messy) part! Take a styrofoam square and paint over it in your colour of choice. Note: Experiment with different paints. Poster paint can work well but might be too thick on the more intricate pictures.

6. Now press down on paper or card with the painted square. Be sure all of the square is pressed down so the paint is evenly spread.

7. Remove the square and voilà! You have one print using your very own personalised stamp!

Have you designed your own styrofoam stamps? Why not send us photos and we'll publish them in future social media updates!