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Thursday, 11 June 2015

JoJoFun's Top 3 Sugar Alternatives for Cakes

Natural Sugar Alternatives for Birthday Cakes, Christmas Puddings, and Celebration Snacks

With sugar being a major contributor to all kinds of health conditions, many people have cut down or cut it out of their diets altogether! But what do you do at birthday parties, Christmas celebrations and other party events when cakes and sweet snacks are an almost inseparable part of the festivities? We invite you to explore the wonderfully delicious, sometimes surprisingly healthy world of sugar alternatives!

These items have been chosen because they are natural sugar alternatives. If you are looking for sugar alternatives for reasons of health, we advise you seek the advice of a medical professional before trying any of the items listed here (or elsewhere on the web, for that matter!).


In the spotlight today is Maple Syrup. Native to Canada, this delicious tree sap has a sweet, wholesome taste and is available in liquid form from most supermarkets. It can be used in birthday cakes, added to tea, and drizzled over porridge or pancakes!

Here is a great depository of Maple Syrup recipes from Buzzfeed: 57 Magical Ways To Use Maple Syrup


Another yummy table sugar alternative from the sap of a tree, coconut sugar is made by heating the sap to evaporate the water and reducing it to granules. Perhaps easiest to find in a health food shop, coconut sugar comes recommended for its "all purpose" quality - you can use it in most situations you would use regular sugar.


Here's where you can really get creative. Try blending raisins, or grapefruit, or cranberries, or any other fruit of your choice and using this as your sweetener. You could use a variation of banana bread for your cake recipe!

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